Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How Time Flies

There's so much that happened in this past week! I left on Monday to head back to IN. Two hours into my trip, I got a call from Steve. He informed me that his training in Cincinnati for the following week got canceled which threw off our whole plan about him coming up. All week long, we debated whether it was worth him working till midnight Friday, sleeping a few hours, and driving straight in to make it to the wedding, just to turn around and drive back on Sunday. He ended up being able to get off work a little early on Friday so he ended up coming in to Indiana. This meant that I had to cut my trip short by a week. It was hard to leave with so many plans unaccomplished, but I guess that just means I get to come back to IN soon!

Once I got to IN, it was like I hit the ground running. Monday night was my mother's birthday, so our house was full of little girls and excitement as usual. On Tuesday, I went to the zoo with my nieces and sisters. The weather was a little questionable in the beginning. We drove through rain and some thunder, but by the time we made it to the zoo, the weather was overcast and beautiful! We had a great time.

Wednesday started all my Maid of Honor responsibility craziness! My best buddy Megan rode down to Indy with me to pick up another bridesmaid who had just arrived via Megabus from Wisconsin. Once we picked her up, we had to head to the airport to pick up the bride and her sister-in-law. They had ridden down with the family to the airport to pick up Grandma Millie. We got to the airport a little earlier than expected, so I got to drive the loop around the airport a few times. Once everyone was accounted for in the car, we headed to the east side of Indy to meet friends at Applebee's for Bree's bachelorette party. We had a great time celebrating with Brianna during this special time!

(Sarah, Me, Julie, and Brianna at her bachelorette party)

Thursday, I got to hang out all day in the pool with Sarah from Wisconsin. I hadn't seen her since February, and we had lots to catch up on! It was so great to hang out with her. On Friday, we headed to Lafayette and met Julie to get our nails done. The experience was pretty sketchy since we had chosen to go to a beauty school. Julie's girl had never even done a French manicure before, and it showed! Oh well, the $10 was worth all the laughs we had afterwards! The rehearsal was later that evening. Sarah's husband wasn't going to make it in until late Friday night, so it was fun to hang out with Sarah and Julie (and no boys!). Although, hanging with Courtney and Rachel and their boys on Friday evening was just as much fun!

(Sarah, Me, Julie, Rachel, Brianna, & Courtney at rehearsal!)

We dropped Sarah off at her in-laws and Julie and I spent the evening together. I even crashed with her at her sister's house. Saturday was full of getting ready, crying and laughing with Bree, and celebrating in Brianna and David's marriage. Steve made it in town with enough time to grab some lunch with a friend in Lafayette and make it to the wedding. We all had a great time at the reception together with our friends. I surprised Brianna and David with a special song and dance tagged on to the end of my Maid Of Honor Speech (well I guess it was Matron, but that makes me sound old!). I sang a new rendition of Enrique Iglesias's "Escape" while the other bridesmaids acted it out. The night ended with lots of dancing, laughing, and more dancing and laughing!

(Ryan and Steve getting way too close at the Reception)

Sunday marked Steve and I's 1 year wedding anniversary. It seems like just yesterday we were celebrating at our own wedding. Now it's a year later, and we're more in love now than we were then. I'm looking forward to growing more in love with Steve through our many years together. Listening to Pastor Whipple's sermon at Brianna's wedding was a great reminder for Steve and I to continue to seek Christ first, and then each other. That's the only way for a marriage to last, is one that is grounded in Christ! Thanks Pastor Whipple! Steve and I got to spend a delightful 8 hour car ride together on Sunday. We talked a lot about our past and future, and even had a nice little dinner at Fazoli's. We had to go out of our way for that, but it sounded a little nicer to have an anniversary dinner at Fazoli's instead of Burger King. This coming weekend we will be celebrating our anniversary with a weekend trip to Memphis.

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