Friday, August 20, 2010

New Life, New Friends

Well, I've been getting a lot of questions again about the job search -- It's at a standstill. I have been in contact with a guy who is somehow affiliated to P&G and the school system in Jackson. I've sent him my resume, licenses, and such and am awaiting to hear from him. Most likely, I will end up becoming a substitute and working when needed. Steve's parents are coming out over labor day and bringing Steve's brother's car for me to use while Ian is away at college. Once I have the car, I will be more active in substitute sign-ups. (Also, Steve is still doing 2nd shift, so I don't want to sub all day when he's home, and come home to him at work -- another reason for the delay).

This week, I have been able to meet a girl that lives in Jackson but used to go to Kossuth (the church Steve and I went to at Purdue). Apparently, we went to the church with her, but were involved in different areas and never met at Purdue! She and I went out for coffee in downtown Jackson and had a great little chat. We are probably going to go out to eat sometime soon (sooo exciting!).

Also this week, Steve and I went to lunch again with a couple we've met through P&G. Steve works with Jake, so we met up for lunch with him and his wife Jennifer. We met them a few weeks ago for lunch, and this was our second outting. Now that the nervousness of meeting someone new is gone, we had another great time with them! It was easier to be myself, and Jennifer must have felt so too. She and I are a lot alike! At times, I felt like I was watching myself when I was watching her. Hopefully, they will be coming to our house tomorrow evening for a cookout/chill out.

In other weird news at the Ackerman's : I found a snake in our bushes! Today, I was trimming up the bushes and weeding and this little 8 in snake was staring up at me! He slithered away before I could get a picture and I didn't know where he went. About 5 minutes later, I found him hiding under one of the bushes. I didn't know if he was as afraid of me as I was of it, so I didn't weed under that bush!

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