Saturday, March 28, 2015

Indiana Visit & A Really Bad Day

A couple weekends ago, we headed in to Indiana for the first time since Christmas (which is too long in my book)! We were headed back so that I could judge in the annual piano contest that I've been involved with since I was young.  I've been back to be a judge for the past 4-5 years and always have a good time doing it.  

We got in Friday evening to a pretty quiet house. Just mom and Sara were home (dad was due to arrive back from a business trip later that night).  After dinner, I took mom (along with Bean) to the grocery store to pick up a few items.  My mom hurt her foot about a month ago (fell off a stage) and isn't allowed to drive.  She was going a little stir crazy and needed an outing (and groceries).  After our quick trip, we got back home and got Bean to bed.  We were all soon to follow!

I had to be up early on Saturday to be at the church for judging.  There's a meeting for judges at 7:30 with events starting at 8.  It's the same thing every year and every year it isn't needed. Oh well!  Usually, my brother and sister judge as well, but this year it was just my sis and I.  I was placed in my usual room by myself.  Kids from beginners to intermediate levels would come in the room, play a couple songs they had prepared, and then leave.  My job was to listen and critique their playing -- point out what could be done differently and praise what they did right.  I wrote my comments on a paper, assigned numbers and awarded them whatever placement they earned.  My sister got placed in a room with one of the worst judges (worse as in she wrote a novel for each student, was super nit-picky, and didn't encourage the kids).  We were both done by mid afternoon.

We all rendezvoused back at my parents house for the evening. While I was judging, Ahm (my mom) took over duty of Bean with the help of my nieces.  I'm not sure what all they but I know Bean had fun regardless! She loved all the attention! 

That night, Bean had some trouble going to bed.  She went down okay, but cried out a few times when Steve and I went to bed.  I had to go and rock her some, and then got to sleep.  Early the next morning (5:45am), Steve and I woke up to a couple bangs.  He said it sounded like a bird hit the window.  We sleep over the garage, and to me it sounded like the house door banging shut, but without the vibration.  Then we heard silence.  I was paranoid so I went in search of the noise.  I got to the upstairs foyer to find my sister walking into the bathroom kind of zombie like.  I asked her if she was okay.  She slowly turned her head to look at me, but her body continued to go forward.  She went head first over the toilet and smacked straight into the wall.  I grabbed her and got her to the floor to find her unresponsive.  I ran downstairs to yell for help from my parents.  

The next few minutes were a blur.  I know I ran back upstairs to check on Sara (just staring and not responsive) and told dad he might need to call 911 (okay, dad claims I shouted CALL 911 -- you be the judge).  My running up and down and getting help woke Bean.  So Steve was dealing with her, when I was with my sister.  She finally came to and was slowly talking to me.  She knew who I was, but was still really out of it.  My mom finally came on scene and took over.  I went and got some supplies to clean up the mess (I'll save you all the details on the mess, ha) and get stuff for Sara.  My mom finally pieced the story that Sara needed to go to the bathroom, so she got up out of bed and felt woozy.  She must have bumped into her door/desk by all the pens on the floor (those were the bangs we heard).  Sara knew she was passing out when she got to the bathroom, but thought if she could just sit down she'd be fine.  I just happened to be there right as she fainted.  Once I knew mom was in control of the situation, I went to tend to Bean.  

I was too hyped up to go back to bed, so I sent Steve back to sleep (he really wasn't involved in what all happened and was sort of out of it himself - he just new something had happened with Sara).  I rocked Bean a little bit, but she wasn't settling.  She kept crying when I put her in the crib, so we went and laid in another bed together.  She started talking to me, so I gave up and went back out (carrying her) to check on Mom/Sara.  Sara needed a bandaid, so we went to go find one.  Mom got Sara taken care of and back in bed.  While mom was finishing up cleaning stuff, Bean laid her head on my shoulder so I knew she was still tired.  I went back into the room she sleeps in and laid her in the crib with her singing glow worm.  She grabbed her blanket and quietly rolled over.  

There was no way I was going back to bed, so I just went downstairs and binged on Duggars while everyone else went back to bed (well, my dad had to be at church early, so he didn't go to bed).  My brother and his family were going to come over after lunch, so we made the decision to stick around a few extra hours than we normally do.  My sister and her family came over, too.  So it was quite the houseful.  Sara woke up and was normal (except for feeling sore).  She didn't totally grasp what all happened.  She knew she had passed out, but didn't really understand placement in bathroom and what all the commotion was. 

(Cousins! Oliver - 15 months, Emily - 11, Allie - almost 9, Bean - 17 months, 
Gabbie - almost 6, Charlotte - almost 5)

Bean took a good nap (even with the houseful of people) and woke up with a little bit of time to play with cousins.  We loaded up the car and said our goodbyes.  The drive was going smoothly and we had already decided we'd stop and get dinner on the way home.  About an hour into the drive, though.  Bean started sort of coughing, then all of a sudden projectile vomited! Steve pulled the car over as we both watched her just throw up a ton all over herself.  She was crying and really upset.  I got her out of the car and sort of held her over a field in case she was going to throw up more.  It was warm enough outside that I stripped her down to get her out of the smelly clothes.  Steve got out our suitcase and I found clean clothes to put her into.  

Next up -- clean up all the vomit.  Boy was it awful! Steve held Bean in the front seat while I cleaned it up. I had like 3 baby wipes, a couple disinfecting wipes, and that was about it.  I used her puke clothes to clean out all the blueberry bits (just what you wanted to know! She ate blueberries and drank milk in the car as we left my parents' house).  I wiped the seat and belts as much as I could, but there was no getting the smell totally out.  Poor girl had to be strapped back down in that seat.  She cried when we first put her in the seat, but I crawled in the back with her and turned Frozen on.  She was a happy girl after that.  I was poised and ready to catch any more vomit in a plastic bag, but she never threw up again.  

(For some reason in my head, there was like 10 times the amount of vomit shown.  Maybe it's just that the smell was so much worse than this picture can capture.  I washed the lining of the car seat n the washer and got the smell out of it; but I can't get the smell out of the belts/buckle/plastic seat.  I've wiped it all down multiple times with Lysol, Febreezed it, and even set it outside a couple times.  I need to rewash it all again.  Problem is the part that the belts snap into.  Vomit got down in the crevices and I can't get it out.  Ugh. The seat still stinks up the car.)

I wanted to just get home, but Steve needed a break out of the car (he was sort of zoning and also just the smell).  So we stuck to our plan and stopped for dinner.  I didn't know what to do with her -- do I allow her to eat?? What do I feed her, I had planned to feed her a fruit pouch, ravioli and yogurt prior to the puking.  Definitely not a good combo if it were to come back out! So I figured she'd ask for what she wanted (trust the 1.5 year old, right??).  She ate some applesauce pouch and a couple yogurt chips.  Then when our food came, she wanted some fries.  I let her have some, but what she really wanted was the ketchup.  She loved sticking the fry in the ketchup, and licking it off before sticking it back in.  She had a couple moments of gagging and I feared vomit.  So we called dinner done and got back on the road (okay, so maybe I had a little meltdown and completely shut down.  Steve had to just step up and say, okay - we're going home now!).  

We got home without any more problems.  As Steve unloaded the car, Bean and I got in the shower.  It was already passed bedtime, so she went right to bed.  I was worried over every sound I heard in the monitor just waiting for more puke, but none never came.  She never really acted sick after that, but she did have some issues with diarrhea and random fevers for the rest of the week.  (Side note -- my mom ended up puking all the next day and having a high fever for a few days).  So maybe Bean did have something?? Or maybe just her final 4 teeth coming in??

(One clean & happy girl with a very tired momma! Remember, my day started with my sister fainting in front of me and ended with a puking kid. If only I could tell this Lindsey what the rest of the week would look like. Probably best she didn't see it coming!)

After a long week of babysitting nearly every day (really, the babysitting was fine, just made for some long days!) and continuing on my mini-marathon training, Steve woke up on Saturday feeling very achy and had a fever - which is how my mom felt the day before she puked.  I was prepared for him to bring puke-fest back to our house, but he didn't.  He just had a fever, slept a lot, and complained of feeling crappy all weekend.  I was a freak about germs and sickness in the house again, so he wasn't allowed to be around Bean & I; meaning, Bean and I have had a lot of 1 on 1 time and I haven't gotten a "mom" break in quite some time!

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