Monday, March 23, 2015

Running Update

A few weeks ago, I bit the bullet and bought a treadmill.  I hadn't ran since the middle of January and with the longest winter ever happening, I decided it was needed to get my half marathon training started.  I was able to buy the treadmill with my Jamberry/babysitting money (which I'm pretty proud of!).  Since it was bought with my "hard-earned" money, I have more motivation to get down there and use! 

We bought the treadmill off Amazon.  It was the #1 best seller and looked like it would fit my needs.  It is a little smaller than I would like, but it works well for me (just maybe not so much for Steve).  We decided to place it in the basement and so far it is working great!  I run down there during Bean's nap time.  Even though I'd rather get up and run first thing (but I'm not motivated enough to wake up before Bean does, haha), I've gotten into a nice routine and enjoy the mid-day workout.  

(Running gear - Check! Treadmill - Check! Cute cheerleader - Double check!)

(She wanted to stand with me, but definitely didn't like it being on!)

I looked online and found a training plan from Hal Higdon's website (he was recommended to me from a couple different people).  I took his novice 1 half marathon plan and tweaked it a little bit for my own schedule.  I run 4 days a week -- Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, & Saturday.  The current plan is to do treadmill during the week and sneak an outside run on the weekend.  However, so far, that hasn't happened. Ha!  I ran with Bean outside one Monday (but it was really tiring to push her in the stroller!) and then I also got in another run on a weekday all by myself! I did a "run swap" with my friend Sara.  I watched her baby (well, I watch him a few days, but she added on some time with him at my place one day so she could go run).  When she came to pick him up, she stayed with him and Bean so that I could go run.  It was great!

(My training plan. Week 4 starts TODAY.  Yikes!  Only 5 weeks til the mini.  I'm so terrified!)

The training is going really well and appreciate everyone who is helping to keep me accountable.  This is the 1st time I've really set forth a goal of this magnitude and have stuck with it.  I'm one to usually come up with some sort of workout plan, and then quit after 6 weeks.  Even though I had a couple months off in the winter, I've been pretty consistent in running for almost 8 months now! Whoa.  I guess some may actually call me a runner (although I still call myself crazy).  My mile times were pretty rough after the winter break, but I'm now shaving off time and am back to my 10 / 10:30 min per mile pace (outside is more like 10 min, treadmill more like 10:30).  

(My little training coach helping me with my plan.  How can you not trust someone in a Broncos jacket?)

(I've also replaced some of my daily soda with Powerade.  Mainly just to feel better about my other eating options.  I am not a dieter and in no way will give up my oreos, chocolate, potato chips, etc from my day, haha! But with just the small changes I've made, and running 4 times a week, I've dropped a few pounds.  I'd love to lose some more, but my real goal is just being more active and making healthier decisions.  Plus, with as fast as this little cutie walks, I'll have to sprint to keep up with her when she runs!)

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