Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Outside Freedom

The weather has finally been showing some signs of winter coming to an end, and we couldn't be more thrilled!  I'm so looking forward to having daily outside activities planned!  We've only been outside a few times for some fun, and Bean has already caught on.  About mid-day, she will go on the hunt for her "tschoos" (shoes) so that she can go "bye-bye".  She'll stand at the door and wait until I give in.  She even has gone to find her jacket and carried it around for awhile before giving it to me and signing "please".  

(As much as I want to say Bean is advanced and already making smiley faces, she can only claim the scribbles with the chalk.)

(She loves playing with the chalking, roaming all around the driveway and making little marks all over.)

(I have to now hide the chalk box and just give her a few pieces.  She likes to hoard them and walk around with them all.)

(We also play with bubbles outside!)

(Notice the white on her lips -- she snuck a few licks of the chalk.  Haha.  She doesn't do that anymore, she finally realized it was never going to taste good!)

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