Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Bumpy Ride

I guess I shouldn't complain about the flight back from Colorado since this one was on time (as opposed to the five hour delay we had on the way there). The weather was super windy which made for quite a bit of turbulence. You know it's bad when the pilot announces to fasten your seat belts (even though the sign was already lit) because it's going to be a rough flight. Turbulence and screaming baby aside, the flight was on time(ish) and we made it back to good old Indiana.

Upon arriving at Mom & Pop Willis, I discovered a small death in our little Ackerman family. Despite mom swearing she fed my fish while I was gone, Clyde the Catfish died. Instead o being his normal jovial self (he tended to spazz and run into the fish tank walls) he was laying side-ways on the bottom -- not a good sign for a fish. I am surprised he lived this long (HA, I got him in November with 2 other fish, Melvin and Herman. Herman is the only survivor). Last week Clyde got stuck in the air tube and my mom just happened to see it happen and got him out of the tube before he died then. I guess fish don't have nine lives like cats and Clyde spent his two. Oh well, we weren't sure how to move the fish and tank to Jackson when we move at the end of June, so that just takes some stress off of moving. We'll see if Herman is still around for our move.

Our first day back in Indiana was spent eating out with my sister, nieces, and mom at McAllisters for lunch. I got mistaken by a lady for a worker. She gave me this long spiel about her table when I finally laughed and said I didn't work there. The lady was embarrassed but I thought it was funny. She said I had a confidence about me (who knew?!). After lunch today, we all went to Grandpa's house to bug him for awhile. Mom was supposed to prep the house for this weekend's festivities (stories to come!) but I changed her plans by "forcing" her out of the house. I guess I shall repay her by making dinner and cleaning up the kitchen. Steve will spend his evening being a hermit on his computer. I'll let him enjoy his next few weeks doing whatever he once since he will soon enter the workforce and not have as much free time.

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  1. Hey Lindsey, I was wondering if you could come over and clean my kitchen table. After all, it just seems like it's your responsibility…you have a confidence about you.