Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Road Trip !

Steve and I (well mostly me, he accepted the fact back in October when he accepted the job offer) have finally accepted that we are moving to Jackson, TN. This acceptance came with a road trip to Jackson in order to find a place to live. Our goal from the trip was to leave Jackson knowing where we would live upon returning. The goal wasn't exactly met but I'll get to that (keep reading, oh the suspense!).

Day 1 -- Monday
Consisted mostly of driving... okay well, that's all we did. We left Russiaville around 1pm (12pm Jackson time) and didn't arrive until 8:30 Jackson time. Steve took me to dinner at Old Town Spaghetti Store. It was delicious and conveniently located across the street from our Hotel. The rest of the night was spent rotting in the Hotel and watching Pawn Stars on tv.

Day 2 -- Tuesday
Our first full day started off with the relocation lady picking us up at the hotel. She took us around all morning to several different apartments. We had a top pick by the afternoon, but had a prospect on a rental house we would visit the next day. So a final decision would be made on Day 3. After seeing several different apartments, Steve and I decided to venture out to Civil War sites. We plugged in an address that we found in a brochure into our GPS and went off on an adventure. Mandy (our GPS) took us the back way to a site known as The Battle of Britton Lane. We only got halfway when we had to turn around because the road that we were on had been washed out with all the rain that TN has gotten recently. So we rerouted our trip and eventually found our destination:
This site was in the middle of nowhere, with no one around, so it made for a creepy experience. The flags marked a mass grave while the log cabin in the back was used as a hospital. Lots of the plaques were missing and there was a creepy confederate soldier mannequin located in a covered wagon. We left this site and went down the road to see the Denmark Presbyterian Church:
This church was used as a prison to hold union soldiers captive. The door to the church was wide open and Steve walked right on in . It looked too run down and creepy to me, so I chickened out and just stood at the door. Steve found an old piano and "tickled the ivories". Pretty cool to think that we were this close to history.

Day 3 -- Wednesday
Steve had to run to the Pringles Plant to sign some papers and have a doctor's check-up. Once that was all done, we stopped by the Craiglist house. It felt like a dream come true -- 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, 2 car garage and located just down the road from the plant. The owner lives in CA so we just met the current tenants and looked around. After the visit we called the owner and expressed our desire to rent from him. We negotiated a move-in date with him, which he would have to negotiate with the current tenants. So we left Jackson awaiting the phone call saying whether this would be our new home.

Now I sit here writing this blog, catching up on life (no internet for 3 days!), and we got the phone call. The move-in date was negotiated and works out just as we wanted it! Now we have to undergo a formal application process and sign the lease, but so far it all looks as its a go.