Friday, May 21, 2010

Colorado or Bust

Yesterday, we headed to Indy airport to catch our flight to Colorado. Steve's brother Ian is graduating high school and we are headed West to join the family. Our flight was to leave at 4:30. We sat on the tarmac for about 10 minutes when the captain announced a mechanical problem. After sitting on the plane for about an hour, they announced that a piece was coming in from Milwaukee and wouldn't be at the airport until 9:30, pushing our flight to 10:45.

Lots of people on the plane missed their connections and the airport was crazy with people. The airline gave us a food voucher to eat dinner on. We used the airports Wi-fi and watched an episode of House while eating hotdogs. I just happened to look over my shoulder to where our gate was and realized that the huge line of angry people was gone -- our plane had boarded without an announcement! I hurried Steve to get off the computer and get our stuff together because I did not want to miss our flight after waiting 5 hours. The piece the plane was waiting on arrived sooner than expected and our time was pushed up to about 9:30. Re-boarding the plane was unorganized and the crew ended up doing a roll-call to see if everyone made it back. We finally arrived in Colorado around 1:30am our time (11:30 pm CO time).

Ian's graduation was at 8am Friday morning. It was outside in a football stadium. Ian was the valedictorian and made a lovely speech. We sat on the sunny side of the stadium. Steve was concerned he would burn, but I think we came out of it okay. Now we are just being lazy and enjoying spending time at the Ackerman's.

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