Saturday, May 22, 2010

Colorado Update

By the end of last night, Steve wasn't feeling the greatest. After an afternoon nap in a cold basement, Steve woke up quite chilled. He took a hot shower, which warmed him up; however, we soon learned it was a 102 degree fever that was warming him. While I ate dinner with the Ackerman clan, Steve slept on the couch feeling weak.

We had been staying on an air bed in the basement, but the basement was too cold to continue staying down there. Steve's dad and sister moved the bed up to the living room so that Steve could rest comfortably in a warm room. We ended our evening watching a movie. After a great debate and input from several people, we went with "The Invention of Lying." At the end of the movie all that could be said about it was that we spent a dollar and lost 1 hr and 39 minutes of our life. In short, don't watch it -- not worth the time!

Steve woke up this morning feeling a lot better. We took it easy today by being lazy while the rest of the fam went hiking and to a jazz festival. Steve and I did head out to Goodwill where I made out with a "Best of Friends" vhs set for $2 and Steve got "Memento" for $2. We might try and convince the family to watch it later... we'll see how that goes after last night's movie fiasco :)

1 comment:

  1. hey! i watched the Invention of Lying just yesterday afternoon and stopped it half way through! haha

    Love you best friend :)
    Hope Steve gets better!