Saturday, May 8, 2010

Moving Day

Moving day, Friday May 7: I have been dreading this day for weeks. Not just because it involves a lot of physical and brain activity, but because this day marks the end of my four years at Purdue. So much has happened in the past four years and I can not believe that it has come to an end.

This day started for me at 5:45 am. It is my last day of student teaching at Wainwright. It does not feel like it's over yet. Ten weeks have flown by and I never thought I would be this confident as an educator by the end of those weeks. I brought in pop for all the kids and some students brought in cake and brownies to share with the class. Some students shared that they would miss me while others were celebrating my departure. Oh well, they're in for a treat when my cooperating teacher takes over the class on Monday. I wish I could be a fly on the wall in the classroom on Monday to see the students readjust. The hardest part of saying goodbye to Wainwright was saying goodbye to my cooperating teacher. Mr. Delp is one of the best teachers I have ever seen. I was truly blessed to get to work alongside him and gain from his wisdom. I know its not a real goodbye because he's always an email away and I know I will still need much advice from him!

Once the school day was over, I said my goodbyes and left. I arrived to my apartment for the last time in order to help my parents and Steve finish packing and moving out of the apartment. Of course we waited for the last day of our lease to move out, which happened to be rainy and overcast. Dad and Steve were racing against the clock to get the furniture loaded into the truck and on the van's trailer in order to arrive to Russiaville before the real rain hit. Once it started to rain, dad said, "time to head out." Steve and dad took the first load while mom and I stayed behind. We finished gathering the rest of my stuff, cleaned the apartment, loaded up the car and said goodbye to Pointe West #3 for the last time. It hasn't hit me that Steve and I are homeless right now. In my head I'm pretending that we're spending the weekend with Mom & Pop Willis. We'll see how long I can believe my psychosis.

I wanted to be able to only pack stuff once, but that was another delusion I keep believing in. Stuff was crammed into boxes which now sit in my parents' garage. Within these next few weeks I am going to have to reorganize and repack boxes. Then the moving company has to come and inspect my packing job... hopefully i will only have to repack once!


  1. I love your blog! Be sure to take some pics of potential apartments in Jackson.

  2. Nevermind the fact that I helped. How convenient it was to skip over that part.