Tuesday, May 4, 2010

New Chapter

Since Steve and I are about to start a new chapter in our life, I figured there's no better way than to blog about our adventure. We have started packing up our first apartment together in preparation for a pit-stop at my parents' house. We will be shacking up with Mom & Pop Willis for about 6 weeks before heading down to Jackson, TN.

This week has already been crazy, and it's only Tuesday! Steve has been done with finals since last week, and has been living the dream all week. He has no schedules tying him down, no assignments (other than his last grading assignment) needing attention, and an apartment to himself all day while I teach from 7-3. This is my last week as a student teaching. It's a little bittersweet. I have really developed as a future educator these past ten weeks and know I have way more to go. The last week involves me policing students while they "work" in groups on a huge project.

While my days are filled with teaching, my nights are filled with cleaning and packing up our apartment. Yesterday, my mom and sisters came and helped me pack up some boxes. They were such a blessing! I hadn't even begun to think about how to pack and they jumped right in and got the ball rolling. I think there's another packing party planned for tomorrow.

The rest of this week will be interesting with teaching, packing, and saying goodbye to Purdue. Steve was sick last week (even though he just claims Allergies, although allergies are not contagious as I keep reminding him) and I have been blessed with being sick this week (of course!). I guess it's better to be sick now while teaching is easy and I have help packing. (Plus, I'll be moving in with mom this weekend, and she pampers me when I'm sick :) ).

Here are a couple pictures of our first apartment together --

View of Living Room from Entrance:
View of desk in Bedroom:
View of Kitchen & Entry from Living Room:

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