Thursday, May 6, 2010

What a Wacky Wednesday

Yesterday, my cooperating teacher let me leave early. I got done teaching by 1:30 and the last hour was a prep hour and team. Since I only have 2 more days, there is no need to prep for anything or go to team. I got home and started packing some more things in the apartment. My Mom and Grandpa came up around 3 to help pack up boxes. Once the kitchen items and closet were all packed up, we loaded up the van and they left with it full.

I could not have gotten our apartment packed up by myself. Steve has helped with stuff up high and with the moving the boxes, but my mom has been a blessing with the organization of the packing. I think it’s from her years of experience as well as helping my siblings pack and move. That’s one of the many perks of being the youngest (as well as being your parents’ favorite child).

After Mom and Grandpa left, I realized I had packed up the rice I was going to make and bring to Bible study (oops!). So instead, I made the rest of the homemade cookies in the fridge and brought them along with left over Girl Scout cookies. Bible study was at Mitch & Alice’s (check out her blog, she worked on it during study!). We ate tacos, biscuits, and random cookies, had great discussion over the end of our book (When Sinners Say I Do), shared prayer requests, and had great fellowship. This is when the night’s craziness began. . .

We decided to stay at Mitch & Alice’s and have a Shutter Island movie night; however, once the guys got to the movie place, they discovered it wasn’t out yet. Plan B involved Godzilla and playing board games. Julie and Carl joined the group and the madness began. While watching Godzilla, Jared convinced his wife Becca that Godzilla had a giant squid friend who caused havoc alongside Godzilla. Then, we played wits and wagers where we all learned that no one really knows nothing and Steve is a huge cheater.

After the failure of Wits & Wagers we played Buck-Wild – game where you have to get your partner to repeat words and phrases previously written by each game participant. We shared many laughs not only at the crazy words people wrote but also trying to get our partners to say the words. In the end Alice and Julie tied with Steve and I. We were up way too late (especially since I had to be up at 5:30 the next morning), but it was totally worth the great memory and laughs shared with some awesome people.

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