Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Europe or Bust!

It is the eve of our trip, and I'm already pooped :).  I've been pretty busy today trying to get everything printed, organized, packed, and ready to go!  I spent a lot of my day contacting various banks/credit card companies to notify of out trip (which sounds easy, but can be time consuming going through all those customer service menus).

I actually had most of our stuff packed yesterday, but I had to do some shuffling around and repacking this evening.  My hope was to be done with everything by 11, and I'm a half hour ahead (which is why I'm doing this crazy post!).

I'll try to do some blog entries while we're overseas, but we aren't sure what access we'll have to the internet.  Plus, our itinerary is pretty packed, so who knows if I'll be mentally able to write a post by the end of the day, but I will give it my best effort!

Thanks for all the prayers and thoughts as we head to Europe.  I'm pretty nervous about the language barrier and getting from point A to point B.  Steve, however, has done an awesome job planning everything and I am sure we will do just fine (I am just a control freak who doesn't have control at the moment).  I know we'll have a good time regardless of how the plans go.  Steve is just excited for the break from work & I am excited to have him 24 hrs/day.  Rome, Barcelona, & Madrid --- HERE WE COME!

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