Wednesday, March 28, 2012

We're Back!

Steve and I returned from our European Vacation and are still adjusting to being home.  We got in late Monday night.  Steve came back from Europe with another cold (or allergy attack, according to him).  He took Tuesday off to recuperate (because our vacation wasn't relaxing, it was pretty intense and busy).  I spent yesterday getting the house back in order (like an intense grocery shopping because there was no food in the house, laundry, and cleaning up the basement (we're having issues with debris falling form the rafters).

Okay, back to the trip. . .

We had a very memorable time while we were in Europe.  I don't think either of us were totally prepared for what to expect.  Some days, things didn't go to plan both in our favor and not in our favor.  These moments seem to stick out most.  I kept a very intense journal (thanks to my Mother-in -Law!!  She got me a wonderful journal called a "Smash" book.  I absolutely loved it!) and will be posting my daily entries on the blog.  We also took lots of pictures.  Steve bought a new camera before the trip and he was in charge of most of the photography, taking just over 500 pictures!

I would have to say that Rome was probably our favorite location on the trip.  Maybe we were just burnt out by the time we got to Barcelona & Madrid, or maybe it was due to the fact that Rome has ancient history surrounding it.  Either way, we would both go back to Rome again (although, if you asked me if I'd want to return to Rome while we were there, my answer would have been no.  But my answer changed when we went to Spain.  I actually missed being in Rome).

The hardest thing for me about the trip was the language and culture barriers.  I am a control freak and like to know what to expect at all times.  Unfortunately, a trip like this does not allow one to maintain constant control.  When I don't know what to expect or can't control situations, I sort of break down.  There were a couple times that I had full blown meltdowns, but you will have to wait for those stories in future posts.

We are both so very thankful for the trip and the opportunity we had to go on it.  The trip definitely brought us closer and taught us things about each other that we didn't know.  As much fun and memories that we made on the trip, we are even more thankful to be home, able to transport ourselves when we want via car, and able to speak to anyone and know that we will be understood.

Stay tuned for lots of posts, stories and pictures about the trip!

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