Friday, March 2, 2012

Not Again

We thought we'd turned the corner with Ramses break-outs; however, he outsmarted us again!  As Steve went to work this morning, he went to step down out of the kitchen, when all of a sudden -- Ramses scurried around. That darn hamster got out of his cage again!

For the past few weeks, he's been a little on the miffed side.  It may be my fault because I haven't been letting him run in his ball enough.  Although, the last 2 times I put him in the ball, he just martyred in it by sitting in the corner of the dining room.  I knew he had been working on some master plan because this is how I found his cage yesterday morning:

Notice: His wheel as been unmounted from the wire side.  There is a clip that slides in between the bars, then you turn the clip perpendicular to the bars and the wheel is secured.  Somehow, he managed to undo the clip and knock the wheel off.  

Here's another view of the wheel unhinged.  Notice, it is slightly buried under his bedding.  

When Steve caught him this morning, and put him back in the cage, he saw that the wheel had been undone again last night!  We own a crazy hamster!!  

So back to last night's adventure.  Ashley (Steve's sis) has been staying with us again this week.  Ramses perch is located just at the base of the stairs (right below the guest bedroom).  Since he goes crazy on his wheel at night, we move the whole cage to the floor in the living room.  So now we know he doesn't take a bee-line to his little alcove.  Apparently he runs all around the house until he either finds or gets stuck in his alcove by the door.

Ashley shared with Steve that she saw Ramses running around the kitchen this morning while she was preparing to leave for work.  First she thought it was a mouse and freaked, but then quickly caught on to Ramses.  When it was time to actually leave, he had gotten himself stuck in the alcove.  She didn't want him to escape via the door, so she used her suitcase to box him into the corner while she got outside.  Oh Ramses, what are we going to do with you?!

So now we're back to square one.  He is again home in the bathtub.  We thought we had this problem solved with the paper clips closing the door.  Although, with him knocking the wheel off the wire, I wonder if he's stretched out that space and is now able to squeeze through.  We thought we would be able to leave him home (with our neighbor checking on him) while we're in Europe.  However, now we're in search of someone with a sealed room created for crazy hamsters.  Short of buying a glass cage, I don't know what we're going to do.  Problem is, he's just so stinking cute when his not all huffed up with anger and being a trickster (okay, maybe he's cute then, too).

Any advice?!


  1. Joe -- that's horrible. Did you ever hear about the story with Ramses and Digit? Mom was Ramses sitting, and Digit broke into the office. Ramses was in his cage on a table & Digit knocked the cage off the table. Luckily, the cage landed tilted on the futon. That was Ramses 2nd life. He's burned through 6 already.