Saturday, April 12, 2014

At the Hop!

Last weekend, we got all dressed up and went to a 50's Sock Hop for Steve's work.  We weren't sure who we would know there, as most of his coworkers had already told him they wouldn't be there.  We ended up knowing (and getting to sit with) another couple that we know who just had a baby.  It was exciting to not only have others we know, but could connect with in conversation.

Not very many people dressed up, but Steve was a trooper and put up with my antics.  I already had a poodle skirt (and saddle shoes!) from a musical I was in during my junior year in highschool.  I borrowed my dad's letter sweater from his senior in in high school and had Steve wear it.  For little Bean, I quickly made a poodle skirt for her and pulled together the rest of her outfit from items we had.  All together, the night cost us $2 (the price of the materials for Bean's skirt!).  Sweet :)!

The evening included dinner, root beer floats, raffle, Elvis impersonator, and costume contest.  Naturally, we won "best dressed couple" and got to pick out our prize.  We chose a really nice glass beverage dispenser (you know, for the bazillion parties we have. HA!).

(Daddy & Bean)

(Closeup of Bean's skirt and my dad's letter sweater.  The "K" is for Kokomo High School.)

(Best dressed couple!  Pretty sure Bean stole that award for us.)

(Daddy's Girls)

(Momma & Bean.  I had to refrain from breaking out in song and dance and reliving my musical days.  Don't worry, I spared Steve the embarrassment.)

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