Tuesday, April 29, 2014


On Sunday, Steve and I had Bean dedicated at our church.  We stood in front of our church and family and committed to raise Bean up to know the Lord and dedicate her life back to Him.

My parents and Steve's sister and brother-in-law were able to come to the service and celebrate Bean's dedication.  We didn't plan the dedication too far in advance, and I didn't want to make it a big deal.  I saw the dedication as more of a thing for Steve and I, but in the end, I'm glad we had family with us.  After the service, we came back to our house for lunch.  My parents had to head back to Indiana after eating, and we were able to spend some extra time with Ashley & Scott.  Thanks for celebrating Bean with us!

(During the service, one pastor read off what Bean's names means - Light/illumination & precious - while the other pastor and his wife gave us a certificate, Bible for Bean, and a flower. Bean was dedicated to the Lord along with 9 other babies from our church.)

(Ashley & Scott drove up from Cincinnati for the morning/afternoon.  It was great to have some of Steve's family with us for our commitment!)

(Bean's outfit is extra special - she wore MY dress from when I was a baby.  It looked pretty much like a brand new dress, just a little retro, ha! It was neat for me to share that with my daughter.)

(Ashley took the pictures us, and had a little bit of a learning curve with using an Android.  This and the next photo made me chuckle, so I had to share. I'm pretty sure Steve is calling out that Scott was sitting on the ground just a few feet away weeding.)

(Still figuring out the camera. . . )

(My parents drove up late the night before and had to leave early to get back for their church commitments.  Thanks for driving up for the quick trip and making Bean a priority!)

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