Monday, April 14, 2014

Where's Bean?!

I have the joy of playing a new game with Bean -- where's Bean?! You'd think I'd be referring to playing peek-a-boo, which by the way makes her laugh hysterically; however, I'm talking about where's Bean in her crib?!

Everytime I put her to sleep in her crib, whether it be for naptime or bedtime, I never know where I'll find her when she wakes up.  I mean, of course, I find her in the crib, but the exact location is always different.  Sometimes she's on her tummy, sometimes on her back, sometimes diagonal,sometimes perpendicular, and who knows what she'll have in her hand - paci, bunny, owl, etc.  Just this week, she's started putting her paci back into her own mouth, so there's been a couple of times where I come in the room and it's back in her mouth.  This girl sure knows how to make her momma smile!

Sleeping has become a big "project" in the house.  We're trying hard to get Bean to sleep through the night.  She was getting close, and then decided getting up a couple times at night sounded better.  Ugh.  I'm ready to not have interrupted sleep.  Up until recently, I'd rock/hold Bean until she's completely asleep, Then put her in her crib.  We're trying something new and putting her to bed still awake.

This sort of started because she fights sleep a lot, driving us crazy; but also, she needs to learn to put herself to sleep.  So I rock her, read to her, sing a couple songs, and when I can tell she's drowsy, put her in her crib.  I make sure paci is in, she's got her bunny lovie nearby, and tuck her under the blanket.  Then, I wind up her bird mobile and let it play as I exit.  This has been working, and she'll coo a couple times, and then fall asleep.  However, some nights she really fights sleep and a battle ensues.  We'll let her cry a little bit, then we'll go back in, pick her up, sing a song, lay her back down and wind up the mobile.  One night we had to do the process 3 times, but she eventually fell asleep.  I even use this method for her middle of the night feedings.  I've been able to cut down being in her room from nearly 45 min, to more like 20.  Now if only we could cut it out all together!

Where's Bean?? The many positions of a crazy girl:

(Ontop of blanket, socks torn off, and laughing)

(At the top of the crib, staring at her birdies, and notice her foot?  She's wearing footed pj's and has somehow gotten her foot out of the pant leg in between 2 of the snaps. How does that happen?!)

(Rotated almost 180 degrees, on her tummy, and reaching for her paci)

(This happens a lot -- wedged in the top corner of the crib)

(Feet in the air like you just don't care!)

(Look at that cute face!  Flipped on her tummy with blanket wrapped all around, as happy as could be.  Little did I know. . . )

(. . . blanket was hiding this nice surprise.  Needless to say, a surprise bath occurred next, followed by a load of laundry!)

(And a bonus picture, this was before I put her in her crib.  Sometimes, a baby just needs to praise Jesus!)


  1. I LOVE this post. Those expressions are priceless. Could we get a bonus video ? Does she coo when you go in and get her?

  2. Most times I hear her babbling on the monitor and will go in and get her. When she sees me, she usually gets excited and laughs. I can't figure out how to post videos on the blog. You'll have to settle for Google+ uploads!