Thursday, April 3, 2014

Basement -- Check!

I have finally been able to start checking things off my "To-Do" List from before Bean was born.  Remember that flood we had in our basement?  I didn't want to mess with cleaning it up while I was pregnant, then I never had time once Bean was here, but a couple weekends ago, I finally cleaned up the basement!

I wish I had taken before pictures, but once I decided I was going to focus on that space, I just got straight to work and didn't stop.  The actual room that flooded is our storage space.  When the flood happened, we moved all the totes and salvageable boxes out of that space and put them in the laundry room.  Then Christmas happened, I got into the totes and never put stuff properly back in them.  So then our laundry room was full of random decorations, open boxes, piles of trash, P&G product strewn about, etc.  I had a little path to get to and from the laundry machines, but that was about it.  I couldn't get to the ironing board without stepping on stuff.  Good thing ironing is a rare thing around here.

(Now I can actually see the floor!  Imagine junk all over the place and that is what the before picture would look like.)

(Look at that small stash of P&G product!  My supplies have been dwindling.  I got it all straightened up and organized just in time for more to arrive in a couple weeks!)

(This is the room that flooded.  Now it is back in working order and housing our storage totes!  Confession, I didn't get the floor all cleaned up in here like I had hoped.  I swept half of it and left it on the other side to be cleaned up later.  Oh well, baby steps, right?)

(Other confession, I did nothing with this space.  Ha!  All that stuff on the left is boxes/wood that got damaged by the water.  The shelves need some organization so that this space is used a little better.  Maybe I'll get to it this summer?  Ha!)

(Other side of that space.  Again, more boxes of trash and random items that need to be disposed of.  Hopefully I can get husband on board with this project and we can actually make this space like a little workshop.)


  1. How do you have so much P&G product? Does Steve work for them? Did you sign up for something cool? :o) Hope you're doing well!!

  2. Yes, Steve works for P&G. He specifically works at the Tide plant. A couple times of year, they clean out inventory and send product home. It's a sweet deal! All is very well with us. I enjoyed your recent blog posts! What a cute family you have :-)!