Thursday, June 5, 2014

CA Trip - Apartment

This trip marked our 7th airbnb apartment and the first one in the US!  As weird as it is to think we're living in someone else's apartment for the week, it is so much better than being cooped up in a hotel room!  It's so nice to have access to a furnished kitchen, separate bedroom, and big living space! Only downside this trip was that apartment wasn't super kid friendly.  Safety wise, it was a lot like our house, wood floor and not too much on "baby-level".  Only downside was there wasn't much ability to "contain" Bean or have a good setup for her to sleep.  But we made do!

Our apartment was located really close to Coit tower (which is landmark in San Fran).  Our apartment was at the top of a hill (which all of San Fran is covered in hills, ha!).  Each day, we had to walk down the hill to catch a bus to our day's destination.  And at the end of the day, when we were really tired, we had to walk back up that hill.

(Outside our apartment -- look at that slope!)

(The living room -- we ended up rolling that rug up and letting Bean play on the floor there.  There was only a broom and a little dust buster in the closet.  We wish we had a vacuum so that we could have cleaned the floor better for her to play on.)
(When we needed her contained, we would put her in a drawer to play.  She really didn't seem to mind, but she definitely perferred being on the floor.  She got the hang of arm crawling while in California.)

(We also used the stroller a lot to keep her contained. We feed her in it as well as put her in it as we got ready in the mornings and evenings.  She didn't seem to mind and actually enjoyed watching us from it.)

(We set up a little bed for her in a drawer on the floor next to our bed.  We took the cushions from the dining chairs and put them under a towel.  I didn't think to add the cushions for the first night or two.  I thought the towel was thick enough, but she definitely slept better with the addition of the cushions.  She still didn't sleep the best, as she couldn't spread out or turn over.  She would get up every 3-4 hours.  I would just feed her and put her back down, or sometimes let her sleep in bed with us in the morning.  Feeding her in the night comforted her, but definitely screwed her all up. She would wake up at like 5 or 6 in the morning and be wide awake for a couple hours.  It was very tiring on me!)

(Too cute not to share!)

(Kitchen - we didn't use the stove, but did use the fridge, microwave, dishes, and sink quite a bit.  I also gave Bean her nightly baths in the sink.)

(Bathroom-- The bathroom had great storage.  There is another medicine cabinet and shelves on the other side that we were able to put our toiletries on.  I thought the shower was nice, except the shower head seemed to be really low for me.  Steve said he left like it was normal, but I know he had to duck a lot!)

(Bedroom -- again, lots of storage available which was great! We got to hang up a lot of our clothes in the closet and had the dressers to put other clothes in/on.  There's a dresser hiding behind the door on the left.  That's the dresser that we took the drawers out for Bean to sleep/play in.  We got lucky that we had access to that!)

(Bed with Bean's little drawer)

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