Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Shopping with Mom

Another milestone has been reached for Bean this past month.  She is now deemed big enough to sit in the shopping cart all by herself!  Since we no longer bring her in and out of places in her car seat carrier (we just pick her out of it and leave the carrier in the car), she has to sit in the shopping cart like the big kids do!

I have a shopping cart cover that she gets harnessed into.  The first time I put her in the cart with the cover, the trip started off fine, but slowly as the trip went on, Bean sank further and further down.  Now that we've gone a couple times, she is much better about sitting in it and lasts pretty much the whole trip.  The following pictures mark our first trip with her sitting in the cart:

(She was very excited at the start of the trip.  She loved being able to look around and see all that was going on.)

(About halfway through, she was getting a little tipsy and couldn't keep herself upright.  I had to help support her with one hand and push the cart with the other.)

(And finally, we gave up on her sitting in the cart and I let her lay down.  She probably would have fallen asleep if she had music to listen to and if it was darker in the store.  Who knew grocery shopping was so tiring?  Oh wait a minute.  All shoppers know how tiring it is to get groceries!)

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  1. I LOVE these photos! She even coordinates with the cart cover!