Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Deja Vu

In exactly one month from now, Steve and I will be headed on our next European adventure!  We are still in shock that we have this opportunity and it hasn't hit us yet that we're going overseas again, and so soon!  Steve is definitely the one investing lots of time and energy into creating the new itinerary.

The reason we are headed back over to Europe is for Steve's business.  He is being sent to a P&G plant in Belgium to undergo a week long leadership training school (or something like that).  We will be flying into Brussels but will be staying in Mechelen for the week of his training.  On the weekend before and after we will be taking day trips to Bruges & Brussels.  After he's done with the business portion of the trip, we will be adding some vacation days and going to visit Paris!  We were originally going to go to Amsterdam, but after some research and site options, we decided we'd rather hit Paris this trip.

In total, we will be gone for 2 weeks, just like our previous Europe trip.  This week we finally booked our apartment (we got a sweet "penthouse suite") for the week in Mechelen and bought our plane tickets.  Getting the tickets were kind of a fiasco since Steve's tickets are bought through P&G while mine are out of our own pocket.  It took forever to find the best deal and then to arrange it to get seats together.  But Steve pulled through with all his hard research and we are set to go!

I'm still trying to wrap my head around the trip, but I'm sure in a couple weeks it'll really hit that we're going.  I think we waited so long to really prepare for this trip (even though we've only known for about a month) is that we were both holding our breath for it to be canceled.  But it's really happening.  AAAHHHH -- we'll soon be classified as "world travelers".

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