Thursday, July 19, 2012

It's Allie Time

Allie's special time with us was a little on the short side, but I made up for it by extending her special time with my at my parents' house, but we'll get to that. . .

Our special time started with playing American Girl Dolls and getting to watch the new American Girl movie (which debuted on NBC) on the tv. After that movie, we had to finish up Jumanji (it was the first time she had seen the movie and they hadn't gotten through it all the way before the others left).  Then it was bedtime. We read stories, chatted in bed, and then went to sleep.

The next day (Sunday) was filled with fun activities.  We went shopping, stopping at Bath & Body Works, Joann's Crafts, and Walmart; we watched Jumanji (of course); we played some American Girls; and we did some crafts.  While shopping, Allie chose a felt coloring poster, painting some wooden shapes, and to make a sock cat.  Now, I should have known when Emily picked out the sock monkey kit that I would be making more.  However, Allie didn't want a monkey, she wanted a cat.  I was able to buy just a plain pair of socks, follow the monkey instructions, and just change a few things like the face and ears to make it a cat.  And since I made Emily a monkey and Allie a cat, I of course had to make one for Gabbie (she picked a cat, too).

So most of the time while Allie was working on coloring her poster and painting her shapes, I was making sock critters.  Both of them took about 3 hours each.  I always say the tinier the sewing project, the more work it takes.  Oh well, all three nieces now have special handmade "Zee" (what they call me) animals and all are happy.  Isn't that what the special time is about?!

Monday we finished up some coloring and watched Jumanji again.  She got to pick out a place for lunch (of all the places she picked McDonald's - ha!).  She had to be back home by 5:30 in order to get ready and go to her dance class.  Since we headed back on Monday, she only had 2 nights at our house.  She got to extend her special time by staying with me another night at my parents' house.  After stopping at her house for dinner and changing for dance, I took her to her class (where I stayed and watched her dance), and then we went on to my parents'.  We stayed up a little later in order to watch her new favorite show -- American Ninja Warrior.

On Tuesday, we played some Super Mario Wii and went swimming while waiting on her mom and sisters to come over.  We had a "party" that night with all of the Adams girls and my good friend April.  We ate tacos and watched movies (the kids watched a movie with my mom while the adults watched a different one).

(Allie really enjoyed coloring her poster, but she especially liked coloring when she had help.  She recruited both Steve and myself at different times.)

(Allie with her new sock cat -- Cata.  She especially liked the fact that I was done making her cat and was able to do more coloring with her.  I did color some before I started making another cat for Gabbie.)

(What I like to call doll heaven -- although, Allie corrected me and said it couldn't be doll heaven because the dolls weren't dead, what a smart girl!  We had all the clothes and accessories spread out and we each had 2 dolls to play with (3 were my own, ha ha).  We decided to act out the McKenna story from the new American Girl movie we had watched.)

(Dolls in action.  I think they were giving each other a pep talk for their next gymnastic routines -- ha ha.  Oh the imagination of a 6 year old.)

I got to wrap up Allie's visit with a much needed girls day.  My mom, sisters, nieces, and I all loaded up and headed to Indy to go to Build-A-Bear.  For Christmas, my mom got my nieces gift certificates to Build-A-Bear.  We were supposed to go with my sister-in-law and other niece, but it didn't work out.  We weren't planning on going until the day before.  My trip all the way to Kokomo wasn't expected.  The reason I got to return all the way back with Allie was because Steve had to make an unexpected business trip to Louisiana.  He and I both returned back to Lima on Wednesday night.  

(I sadly didn't get any other pictures than this one, and it doesn't even have all the girls and animals in it.  Emily was still stuffing her bear while the others waited.  Allie made a horse, Emily made a bear, and Gabbie made a cat.  My sister Sara also made a cat.  After we got all the animals made, accessories picked out, and purchased.  We headed to lunch at a favorite spot -- Don Pablos.  Yum!  Once we got back to Kokomo, I had to get back in my own car and head off to Lima.  Steve beat me back by about a half hour.)

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