Friday, April 6, 2012

Barcelona Housing Accommodations

The apartment we stayed at while in Barcelona was very artsy!  Our Barcelona host's name was Sonya.  She was very helpful, giving us lots of recommendations for food and places to see.  We figured out that most of the furnishings had come form good old Ikea!  The apartment was pretty quiet (except you could hear voices very clearly when people were in the stair well).  Like in Rome, we had 2 keys for 2 different doors -- entry from the street, then entry to our apartment.  We found it a little odd that our apartment door was a security door.  There were little posts that would go form inside the door and secure the door through the doorjamb (like what a bank vault would have).  It was kind of crazy.

(You entered the apartment via a door (to the right behind that crazy white floor lamp).  The hallway connected all the rooms together -- bathroom is to the left, kitchen to the right, and the bedroom straight on.) 

(The bedroom was pretty simple.  Just a bed, a mirror, and a cabinet (with hangers - where a lot of our clothes dried).  This may be gross, but the first night I got into the sheets, I could feel little pieces of stuff in the sheets, so I flipped back the blankets and noticed there was lots of hair and dirt in the bed.  The sheets were clean (well, they smelled clean) and even felt a little damp.  We found a blanket from in the living room, and just slept atop that blanket.  I tried not to think about what else was in the bed. . . )

(Here is the "showerless" bathroom - ha.  It had a handheld shower squirter, but no hook or mount to put it on.  Definitely made for a memorable shower.)

(View of the living room from the hallway.)

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