Friday, August 3, 2012


We are 1 day away from heading out on 2012 Europe Trip 2.0.  We are not packed, I still have some shopping to do, and the house is in need of attention.  I had great intention to be ready to go by this evening, but the Olympics just keep reeling me in.  I am a HUGE Olympics fan, and it's just so hard to get stuff done around the house when there is only 1 tv in the living room.  Luckily, next week while Steve is working in Belgium, I will be able to watch the Olympics LIVE!!  Woooohooooo!

I will be bringing my laptop with me which is a perk for me, and perk for you.  I will be able to blog our trip while it's going on!  (Assuming that all our locations have wifi, which they are supposed to.)  I kept going back and forth on whether it would be worth taking, but after finding out more of Steve's schedule the first week (and me being left to entertain myself for entire days) it has been deemed a necessity.

Since the next few weeks will be full of Europe updates, I need to catch up on what's been going on with my health stuff.  First off, my eyes have been deemed "perfect" and can resume all normal activities!  It made for perfect timing as I found out I could go swimming the day before we went to the beach -- Sweet!

Secondly, that ridiculous pain (deemed ridiculous not because of the pain's intensity which has lessened, but because of it's length -- 4 months now!).  I had an appointment with the gastrointerologist who actually did my procedure in June.  It was good to be able to talk to him and get his "first hand" advice on what to do next.  He is pretty convinced that there's nothing really there causing the pain, but decided a CT scan is the next step.  We get back from Europe on a Sunday night and the next Monday morning, will be the scan - ha!  Welcome back to America!

Now to finish packing. . .


  1. didnt you already have a ct scan?

  2. I have not had a ct scan since the pain started. I only had an ultrasound to rule out the ovary and then the colonoscopy which just showed inflammation.