Saturday, August 11, 2012

Mechelen Penthouse Suite

The place that we are staying at while in Mechelen is someone's apartment.  We decided to stick with our ways again this trip so that we'd again have access to a fridge and stove.  The guy that owns the penthouse (as he calls it) is away in Africa right now.  We had to apply to use his apartment and he accepted us quickly!

As I stated in a previous post, his parents acted as host and picked us up at the train station when we arrived in Mechelen.  They gave us the keys, showed us around the apartment.  Explained some of their son's gadgets (some of the lights and windows are controlled by different remotes).  

(To get our apartment, you have to first go through a locked gate.  Once through the gate, you enter this courtyard.  Our apartment complex is the building on the left.  It used to be a Music School, but it has now been transformed into an apartment complex.  Lieven's apartment is located on the third floor.  You get there back walking up 2 flights of steps -- you can see them through the tree on the left.)

(Entering the apartment: The first floor of the apartment has the kitchen, a sitting area, bathroom, and his rock climbing wall. There's also a little terrace off the side of the apartment.)

(The kitchen is decked out in Ikea furnishings and some interesting artwork.)

(No that is not Spiderman, it's just Steve attempting to climb up the rockwall.)

View of the terrace (lower left corner) and surrounding area.)

(The bathroom)

(Shower -- it has a drain problem and as you shower the water slowly rises.  You have to finish your shower before the water level reaches the step- haha)

(Going up to the second level which has the living room and an office area.  The door on the right goes out to the terrace.)

(The stairs on the back wall go up to the bed loft.)

(Living room and office space.  You can see the rock climbing wall on the back wall to the right.)

(We've eaten in every night so far.  Some stuff we bought from the supermarket, and some stuff we brought with us.)

(This is all the food that came with us, easy macs, chef boy-r-dee meals, trail mix, apple sauce, granola bars, rice cakes, peanut butter, fruit snacks, kool-aid single packets, wheat thins, soup packets, rice, penne noodles, and a can of marinara sauce -- ha ha ha ha ha)


  1. We're you more happy with this air bnb than the other trip? The place looks brand new,

  2. We liked this place a lot. We found it very comparable to the place we stayed in Madrid. Our airbnb experience this time around has gone much smoother with internet access before hand and access to an international cell phone just in case we need to switch our meet times. So far so good!