Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Day 1 - Departure from Ohio

We woke up around 8 am, showered, finished packing, and set the house for our absence.  The plan was to leave the house around 9:45; however I was behind and we didn't leave until around 10.  Even though we left 15 min behind schedule, we got to the Columbus airport with plenty of time (a 2 hour drive).  We checked our bags & headed to security where we were entertained by all the clueless people who apparently having gone through airport security in decades.  Multiple people left computers in their bags, had bottles of drinks in their bags, or just didn't know what to do at all.  There bags had to be run multiple times after each different item was found.  I apparently look innocent, because I was selected to go through the old school metal detector in order to speed up the line through the scanning machine (I was the only person they let go through the metal detector).

Our flight was on time and we only had to wait about 45 minutes at the gate before boarding.  Our first flight was to Atlanta.  It was a short and smooth 1.5 hour flight.  Once we got to Atlanta, we had just under a 2 hour layover.  We first visited the food court to fill up on our last "American" food (that is if Panda Express counts as "American").  By the time we got our food, got to the gate, and ate, we only had about a half hour until boarding.  I was able to get in 1 more phone call with my mom before boarding time.

When we checked in online the night before, Steve discovered that delta had changed our seats.  Steve called them to get it fixed, but there were no other regular seats together.  The wouldn't admit it was their fault (we had booked adjacent seats) but said we should have linked the two reservations (because Steve's seat was bought by Uncle Proctor, whereas my seat was bought by us).  Oh well, we ended up having to upgrade our seats to the economy comfort (only 2 seats together!).  With the upgrade came free booze, more leg room, and more room to recline.

We chose this flight specifically because of the free in-seat tv/movie screens.  They had some issues with the system in the beginning and had to reboot the system.  I had been watching a tv show (Big Bang Theory) while Steve was going through the movies and picking out one for us to watch.  The rebooting interrupted my show and we were without tvs for 15 min (oh the horror).  They went ahead and served dinner while the system rebooted.

After dinner (chicken & vegetables) the movie system was working, so Steve & I watched the new Tin Tin movie together.  When the movie was over, we were supposed to go to bed, but neither of us were tired  (even though I had the new P&G ZZzzQuil, we were both unsure of the effects of the medicine and opted to not take it).  We watched our own separate tvs for awhile.  I attempted to sleep, but woke up after 45 minutes to see Steve still playing video games on his phone.  I made him try to sleep and I think we both slept a couple hours.  We woke up to breakfast (hot cheese croissants & bananas) and watched a tv show (Whitney) together.

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