Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Auction Adventure

Our first week back home went by as quick as our vacation. I can't even tell you how the week was spent, other then the fact that it was busy with errands, unpacking, laundry, work, and the usual.  Over the weekend, we spent sometime outside cleaning cars and doing some more mulching.  We also did some bidding on an online auction from Columbus, OH and won a piece of furniture!  We are now the owners of a Thomasville entryway table.  We had to drive to Columbus Monday evening to pick up the cabinet.

The way the auction work is like this -- someone will "hire" the auction company to post items online and then coordinate all the pick-up.  In this case, a all the items came from a specific house that was being cleaned out and sold.  When we picked up our item, the auction people got the item from the house and loaded it up in our car. They even threw in some bonus items (some weird grandma poems in frames and a lamp that looks like an urn), too.

(Our new "entryway" table.  This table will be used to housed items that we just dump when we come in the house.  For instance, there will be a place in the drawer for Steve to put his keys and wallet into while my purse will go behind the doors.)

(The pictures aren't the greatest because of the lighting.  I took the pictures at night right after we brought it home.  The white of the cabinet matches the white trim throughout the house.  It has gold trim accents which match the warm tones of the paint in the living room.  The piece definitely fits in the design of the house and we are excited to add more furniture in the house!  Oh, and the flowers on the table were from Steve, "just because."  Have I mentioned lately how lucky I am??)

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  1. Gorgeous table, and how sweet of Steve to give you those flowers!